Culture and Appropriation: Inspired By My Visit to the Tropenmuseum

I just got back from my trip to Amsterdam and one museum that really interested me was a cultural museum called the Tropenmuseum. Learning about the fashion of different cultures is an interest of mine and I have posted twice about it. The museum had an exhibit on the fashion of different cultures and how [...]

Eating Disorders In the Modeling Industry (what a surprise)

On April 1st sixteen year old model Amelia Gray with IMG compared two pictures of herself on Instagram. Both were in a bikini and one was current and one from a year ago. She did this to address her struggle with an eating disorder. The fact that she was able to address this early on [...]

The Time I Was On a Shoot With a Pervy Photographer

A widely-discussed topic lately has been sexual harassment in the workplace, specifically in the movie business. As I keep hearing more and more stories on the subject, another industry that I know first-hand this is an issue in is the fashion industry. In 2016, I was working as a model in New York and was [...]