Cool Girl Stella

While viewing these images, keep in mind the following idea. Lying in bed alone, thinking about the time when you had his/her hands on you. You’re transported to a field with sun warming up your skin. The soft touch of her hand on your face. You lock eyes while he slowly moves down to your neck. She’s holding your hands. There you sit, just relaxing in the sun.

Photos Shot by Ellie McDearman

Cool Girl Stella is a journalism student originally from Florida. She moved to South Carolina when she was twelve and is now a sophomore at the University of South Carolina. Ur bitch met Stella at the ice cream parlor she works at, where her specialty is cake decorating. It was pretty amazing to hear that this Summer Stella took a solo trip to Iceland and had an amazing time meeting people there and exploring the country.

Look 1:

Shirt: Oscar de la Renta, Dress: Ritual Vintage

Look 2:

Sweater: Morphew, Skirt: Aritzia, Mocassins: Minnetonka

Look 3:

Shirt: Hip-Wa-Zee, Skirt: Zara, Heels: Zara

Look 4: Jacket: Aritzia, Skirt: Zara, Boots: Urban Outfitters

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