Hello, I’m The Sickest Bitch.

Let my get the basic info about me down before I get to where I’m at now. As a child, I idolized fashion models for how they looked and all I pictured that awarding them. To me, they were the ones that represented the fashion industry.

As I grew up, becoming a model became my sole objective. I was confident about my appearance, but developing my personal passions hindered.

In 2016 I finally got what I had awaited, a modeling contract with an agency in NY (where I’m from). I later stayed behind while all my friends left for college to become a full-time model.

After a short time, my experience with the agency became an awaking experience for me. I was controlled, degraded, and it got to a point when I had no confidence about anything.

At my lowest both mentally and physically, I quit the career that I had such high expectations about. I felt so lost as I never took the time to explore my interests.

I started school a semester later than I would have at The University of South Carolina, and it was the first time I felt free to explore all the opportunities around me. Going to college was also something I never thought I’d do, and I’ve gained so much strength from that decision.

Being excited about gaining an education for the first time made me want to share with others that being confident is about feeling good about yourself from the inside, out. Thus, The Sickest Bitch was born… highlighting empowering women I find around me (oh, and my love for fashion).

After a year in South Carolina, I moved back to New York to study at Purchase College, a small, artsy school, to study Journalism and Media Studies. I’m on Summer break now, and I’m so excited to start posting shoots and articles frequently again to connect with fellow Sick Bitches from all over.

Yours truly,

The Sickest Bitch