Hello, I’m The Sickest Bitch.

Let my get the basic info about me down before I get to where I’m at now. As a child, I idolized the models I saw in magazines. They were the ones that represented the fashion industry, which I was a large consumer of. As I grew up, becoming a model became my sole objective. I was confident about my appearance, but confidence in other aspects hindered.

In 2016 I finally got what I had awaited, a modeling contract with an agency in NY (where I’m from). I later stayed behind while all my friends left for college to become a full-time model. After a short time, my experience with the agency became an awaking experience for me. I was controlled, degraded, and it got to a point when I had no confidence about anything.

At my lowest point mentally and physically, I quit the career that I had such high expectations about. I felt so lost as I never took the time to explore my interests. Then, in 2017 I started my studies at the University of South Carolina, a school with many majors to choose from. I wanted the chance to explore what I was interested in as I never took the time to do this. Going to college was also something I never thought I’d do, but i’m so grateful for the strength I gained from that decision.

Another thing I never thought I’d do was want to work in the fashion industry again, but from having some time away I have realized that it was. However, this time it would be behind-the-scenes. I wanted to start a platform that showcases models that make fashion look great, and also promotes things about people that inspire besides their physical attributes. I started by having my friends model clothes from my closet. Then, I recruited students I found all around campus. The models are aspiring to be scientists, nurses, writers, etc. And all the shoots are done in a fun, comfortable environment.

Currently, I am back in my hometown and i’ll be attending SUNY Purchase in the fall. Some things I like to do are read books on history and shop for vintage pieces. I like to learn about American history in particular and a topic of importance to me is feminism. As for the platform, I enjoy posting articles, interviews, and photoshoots. When viewing my shoots, I hope people take notice of the fashion and the models that really act as women in the media that are healthy representations of people to imitate.

Yours truly,