Ur bitch went through every look on Vogue.com to find the ones from NYFW Spring 18 Ready-To-Wear that rep that New York swag. Of course, there’s also some that are more shall I say, posh. So, here I will show you my favorite looks in coordination with the neighborhoods I’d wear them in back home.

I love Williamsburg for it’s amazing vintage shops, food (Smorgasburg!!!), and art. Most of all though, Williamsburg is a great place to people-watch.


The East Village is known for its punk rock history. Today, it’s also known as a place of artists, which make up a high population of the area.

The Meatpacking District has great places to eat and is known for its nightlife. Now, yes, I did include the classic bodycon dress for going out. But, this dress has amazing detail and creates such a nice shape that it is far from basic even with its color scheme. With the right attitude and some heels this dress will accentuate a beautiful figure. The second look I chose to include to show that you can do your own take on the “going out look” meaning that it doesn’t always have to be a dress or skirt.


Soho is known for being a very fashionable part of the city and it is a great place to spend an entire day shopping. It is also home to one of my favorite vintage stores, Ritual.

Midtown is filled with lots of office buildings. There are also some amazing places to visit here such as Grand Central and the New York Public Library, which if you go I suggest going to the theatre room and watching the short film that tells you everything that the library houses. There’s so much information I didn’t know was there until I did that over the summer.

Most people know the reputation of the Upper East Side; it’s pretty boujee. My favorite things to do there are window shop on Madison Avenue and to walk around Central Park. Since the park is so large, I always seem to find a new section I haven’t seen. I picture a woman living here to be be attending galas regularly, so I placed my favorite gowns in this section.




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