The Power Of The Consumer In Fashion

Fashion is one of the most personal forms of art, since we place it over our bodies everyday. If the average consumer could connect more to the unique styles on the runway, they would be more likely to be comfortable wearing them.

The Vetements Spring 2018 lookbook was so inspiring because it showed the average civilian modeling the new collection.

The models wore the collection in places like in front of a grocery store, which implies that the collection is meant not just for show; it is meant to be worn.

A little background on the lookbook, Demna Gvasalia (creative director of Vetements) and his design team cast it by stopping people on the streets of the brand’s new base, Zurich. Guram Gvasalia (chief executive) explained the move in the Swiss newspaper Tages-Anzeiger, “Paris kills creativity. Its environment with the bling bling is destructive. I’m done with the whole showing-off in fashion and the superficial glamour,” said Gvasalia.

The move definitely paid off, since this collection feels more authentic and unique. You can check out the lookbook and read some more about it by clicking here.

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