Accurate Representation of “Beauty & Brains”

When I read the title of the recently published article, “Raf Simon’s New Muse Has Beauty and Brains,” I was enticed. However, once I made it through the introduction, I became confused. How could an article published on, such a prestigious media platform, be so misleading?

Janelle Okwodu,’s Senior Fashion News Writer and author of the piece, claimed that the article showed off model Alyssa Traoré’s “brains”. However, the only thing she included that referred to this idea is that Traoré loves science and might want to become an astronaut. Okwodu also said the article would reveal why Traoré “still daydreams about a career in aeronautics,” yet it never does.

The model seemed excited about the article as she posted it on her Instagram so her followers could check it out. Yet, after getting Traoré’s honest opinion on the article, she agreed that she “found the title a bit off.”

Traoré shared with your bitch, “I definitely got brains but you couldn’t tell from the article. Also, my interest is not in science at all besides that random dream.”

Models are an important part of the fashion industry because designers fulfill their vision through the models they choose to represent their brands. Models are also idolized by women and girls around the world. They are described as confident, but the media often portrays this confidence through nothing but their beauty.

It’s disappointing that Okwodu took the time to showcase Traoré’s beauty with four photos of her, yet hardly referenced her “brains” even though it was in the title as well.

While being on is great exposure, it’s also important for models to speak out when they don’t think something represents them in the best light. Hopefully, Traoré’s next interview will do her justice. I’m sure she’ll have plenty more in her future, since she’s got the confidence to know she definitely has both “beauty and brains,” despite what Vogue says.

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